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Lovers canal cruise

Go cruising with confidence!

Have you ever wanted to go on a canal cruise, but you are dealing with having little to no confidence? Don’t worry, because you are not the only one. Just like you, there are plenty of people who have always wanted to go on a cruise and having things such as the atmosphere, the safety, the expectations, etcetera troubling their mind. But still, how romantic, fun, or relaxing wouldn’t it be to go on a cruise? Leaving out the details and only thinking about the idea excites you. Doesn’t it? Hopefully this article will give you the confidence you need to go on a delightful lovers canal cruise in Amsterdam!

The atmosphere

The first thing those who long for a relaxing, with a touch of luxury canal cruise want to know is how the ambiance will be. Sounds familiar? This goes for first timers as well as the “experienced” pleasure-seekers. Floating Amsterdam, the company that offers luxury private canal cruises, enables you to decide how the setting should be organized. Now that we have cleared the air, it is obvious that you will get to decide the atmosphere. A sloop can carry up to 25 people, so make sure you surround yourself with your amazing group of people or just your special someone. It’s all up to you!

Beside the fact that you get to decide the ambiance, the sloop has an amazing captain who tells fascinating stories while you and your quests enjoy the cruise. In this case, whether you are accompanied by a group of friends or even if you decide to only bring your plus one on the rightfully named lovers cruise, do not worry about your trip getting dull because you will be joined by an entertaining captain. Aye Aye, captain!

Is it safe?

Of course, but we don’t blame you for asking this. The word sloop might not evoke the best idea about safety, so we fully understand your concern. Even the captain of the cruise is being asked this question regularly as people are taking their seats. It is relief to inform you that your comfort and safety are the company’s top priority. A reassurance is the fact that they offer fully electric open boats, an experienced captain, and the care to make sure you and your guests are comfortable in their lounge and mini bar. Your safety is our concern and we you only need you to enjoy the journey.


What to expect?

At last, the expectations. After reading about the possibility of bringing max 25 people on board and the care for your comfort and safety,  another question that needs to be answered to boost your confidence is: “What can I expect?”. Please keep in mind that this is a private canal cruise and so it means that almost everything from the beginning to the end of the cruise evolves around you.  You decide whether you want the cruise to turn into a baby shower, a proposal, a bachelorette mini party or any other occasion you want to celebrate.

Oh, and did we mention that each boat has its own mini bar in the middle and that can decide the menu beforehand? So, what will it be? A cheese plate and glasses of juice for you and yours? Or dinner and a bottle of champagne before you propose? You could do it all.

For even more detailed information about the canal cruise and its arrangements, please visit this link. See you, soon!