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Learning from success VS learning from mistakes

In business, there are many stereotypes about what will work and what will not. You may be captivated by an interesting idea, but more experienced people will cool your ardor by saying that it is unpromising.

In this case, the authors advise to ignore the critics. Why?

Many people say that you need to learn from your mistakes. But if you still don’t know what to do, how will knowing what not to do teach you? A study by the Harvard Business School found that “people who have failed in the past have the same chance of success as people who have not tried anything at all. Success is an experience that really means a lot. “

When to start?

Start now, because you don’t have eternity at your disposal. Don’t put the start on the back burner, because only actions matter, not plans or dreams. An idea without implementation costs little, and sometimes nothing at all.

Of course, everyone has little time, but there is always enough time if you spend it right. And don’t feel like you need to quit your regular job to do this. Grab it and start working on your project in the evenings.

Appreciate your flexibility

Take your time to scale up the activity. In the world of business, the same law applies as for the physical world: “The more massive an object, the more energy is required to change its direction.” Therefore, an extremely careful approach to long-term contracts, decisions, plans, new personnel, complicating procedures, increasing stocks, etc. is required.

“By staying lightweight, you can quickly change your business model, product, feature set, marketing policy. You can make mistakes and correct them quickly. You can change your priorities or orientation. And, most importantly, change your worldview. “

Don’t look back

It’s foolish to worry about what your competitors are doing. You need to focus on yourself, not on them. “Their slightest movement becomes a subject for analysis, and this way of thinking is terrible. It leads to constant stress and anxiety. Such thoughts are bad soil for the new sprouts. “

In addition, by keeping an eye on your competitors, you worry about today’s problems and not think about tomorrows. “Instead of obsessively studying your competitors, focus on yourself. What is happening under your nose is much more important than what is happening in the opponent’s camp. When you spend time worrying about someone else, you cannot devote it to improving your own affairs.

By focusing too much on your competitors, you risk losing your own vision. As long as you continue to feed your brain with other people’s ideas, your chances of launching a truly fresh product on the market disappear. Instead of being a visionary, you become a reactionary. “

“If you’re planning on creating an iPod killer or the next Pokémon, you’re already dead. You let your competitors set parameters. You can’t beat Apple in their field. You cannot beat those who set the rules of the game. You need to change the rules, not just improve the product a little. “

Marketing as a way of life

Marketing is not a department, but a way of life. This is exactly the area that your employees should be doing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Marketing is everything, even the smallest actions, for example – answering a call, sending a letter by mail, content on your website, each invoice, checkweighers at the exit from the store.

“Understand that each of these little things is much more important than the selection of the junk to put in your gift bag at the conference.”

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