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Do day rooms bring any value?

We all dream of going on a long vacation, typically when we’re in the middle of our 9-5 job. As exciting and relaxing as a long vacation can be, short vacations can be fun and relaxing as well. But because they are shorter, people don’t plan them as often as they would a longer vacation. You may ask yourself what is the point of planning a short vacation, that staying somewhere for a few days or even just one day is redundant. However, if you don’t have the time or the means to plan a nice extended vacation, then why not use the time and means you do have to plan something you can do?

This is where day rooms come in, specifically for day long trips you would take. If you can’t go to a fancy resort in Bora Bora for a few weeks because you live in a quaint little town in England, then plan a day trip somewhere you can really get to and spend the day in.


Day rooms: What are they?

If you take a look at the self explanatory name, you will only understand a little bit about what a day room is. Yes, it is a room, and yes, you can use it during the day. But let us take a deeper dive. A day room is just your ordinary hotel room, many hotels provide day rooms where they are located. The difference between a day room and a regular hotel room is the fact that day rooms are only available during the day. When the day is over, you can check out as soon as you need to. These make it incredibly valuable for day trips because you aren’t staying the night anyways, so being able to check out once it’s nighttime is needed. Check out Getadayroom.com if you want to see if there are any in your area.

Why use a day room?

There is so much you can do in the course of one day. But that does not necessarily require being out and about all day long. If you are the type of person that would benefit from having some accommodation when going somewhere unfamiliar for the day, then having a day room would be super valuable for you. These rooms are even great if you don’t have a car, then if you do some shopping or want to take a nap, you have your room to put your stuff in or doze off.