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Heated Motorcycle Gloves, your perfect companion during winter rides!

With the temperatures dropping, the leaves falling and lots of rain, you see most motorcyclists putting their bikes in winter storage only to take them out again in spring. The real diehards who keep riding through the winter need good protection from the cold. A good waterproof motorbike jacket, good trousers and, of course, good heated motorcycle gloves. For safety, it is very important to keep your hands warm. As soon as you lose feeling in them and cannot brake and accelerate properly, things can go quite wrong. 


Keeping your hands warm

For anyone heading out on a motorbike in winter, heated motorcycle gloves are highly recommended. There are several variants of heated motorcycle gloves, first of all the glove that you connect to the battery of the motorbike and receive electricity from it. You also have heated motorcycle gloves that have a small battery that provides the heating. 

These heated gloves with battery is the most ideal solution for many motorcyclists. You are flexible because you are not just tied to the bike. You can get off the bike for a while and keep the gloves on without getting cold hands. Besides the fact that they are heated motorcycle gloves and meant for motorcycling, you can of course also wear them with a winter walk or bike ride. The small battery makes the gloves flexible in use.

The heated motorcycle gloves feature the so-called dual heating functionality. This means that the hand can be heated from both sides if you want. Most motorcyclists will want the top of the hand heated because that is where most of the riding wind hits. If you do need a little more heat, you can also heat the bottom of the hand at the push of a button. This ensures you do not have to ride around with cold hands. 

The whole ride

The batteries that power these gloves are available in different strengths. Standard comes with a 2,600 mAh battery that can heat for up to 8 hours. If you want to heat on a higher setting or enjoy warm hands for longer, even stronger batteries are available to power your heated motorcycle gloves. 

If you are looking for more information about the possibilities of heated motorcycle gloves or other heated products, you can find more information at www.bertschat.co.uk. Here, in addition to heated motorcycle gloves, you will also find several other options that make life more comfortable for motorcyclists. Consider, the heated body warmer that can be worn under the motorbike jacket or heated shirt and trousers that can be worn under your clothes. So there is no need to put your bike in storage at all this winter. With BERTSCHAT® heated items, you can stay nice and warm all winter long.